June 9th, 2016

Christmas, for many of us, is a time for family, friends and a lot of food and drink! We know how easy it can be to lose focus on your healthy lifestyle!  We end up starting the New Year with some extra pounds and taking a few steps backwards from our health goals.

For this reason, we have compiled a list of the top 5 ways to ensure that you stay healthy this Christmas, while still enjoying the season and all the delicious treats.

  1. It All Starts with Breakfast– Start your day off with a healthy, balanced and nutritious meal, like a bowl of porridge topped with a handful of cranberries and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Porridge stabilises blood sugar levels, which helps control hunger later on in the day. Another nutritious way to start your day and to help you combat some of the less beneficial side effects of the season, like too much alcohol and not enough sleep is probiotic.
  2. Stay Hydrated– Water intake is always important for a healthy lifestyle but is even more essential at this time of year. Drinking enough water can help ward off the effects of a hangover, as well keep you from over eating. So drink up and stay hydrated!
  3. Stay Active – If you find it hard to keep to your regular workout routine due to family and friend engagements, don’t lose hope! Just 15 minutes can help keep you on track. Go for a walk after dinner, or wake up a little earlier and do some quick floor workouts.
  4. Go Light On The Gravy – Instead of pouring the gravy on from the gravy boat, try spooning out a couple spoonfuls for a controlled portion. If you use the juices from the meat to create sauces, let it stand for a while so that the fat rises to the top, then skim the fat off and discard.
  5. Keep Room For The Best Treats– Keep room in your calorie budget for the best treats by trying to skip the store bought cookies and run of the mill everyday treats. Training yourself what to indulge in and what to skip is much like budgeting your money. For example, on holiday, do you want to blow your money on something you can get anywhere or a special one of a kind souvenir?

Follow these easy tips and enjoy your Christmas festivities but remember not to deprive yourself too much or you may end up over eating! Happy Holidays!